Sponsors for Children Needed Now

  “When can I go to school?”
“Is today the day I can go to school?”   These are questions heard often at the city dumpsites of Lapu Lapu City, Iligan City, Tagbilaran City and many other places in the Philippines.  Sometimes the question comes from children 8, 9 or 10 years old who have never been to school.  School in the Philippines begins in June.  One pastor, who is there to feed and minister to the families living at the dumpsite, answers, “Pray to God for His provision and maybe you can go to school in June.”   To an 8 year old boy who is waiting for such a big day, June is a long time away.  He anticipates it more than Christmas.   There are hundreds of children in the Philippines, Peru and Bolivia who want to attend school. They range in age from 5 to 17.  Our faith is high that we can send all of them to school.  Some have said to get ready because we will be sending 1000 children to school this year.    Here is a photo of some of the children living at the dumpsite in Iligan City who need sponsors to attend school.  We are asking God for a sponsor for every one of them.  The pastor who ministers to the children in this photo told us that about 2 years ago someone came and took photos and got information because they were going to sponsor the children.  They never heard from that group again and the children are having trouble believing again.     Another pastor e-mailed and asked, “Is it alright with you for me to send all these names to you?  The challenge here is that the children have it in their minds that they might be able to have help to go to school.  I know it is all in the hand of Jesus, but I am scared to think of disappointing the children.  WE TRUST AND OBEY FOR THERE’S NO OTHER WAY. We are all doing this among the poorest for the glory of God. LORD HELP US IS OUR PRAYER.  We are loving the children in Jesus.”   Frankly it also scares us to make the kind of commitment we are being asked to make, but just the thought of saying to some of those boys and girls that they cannot go to school breaks my heart.  Will you agree to pray and seek the Lord with us about this need?  None of us wants the job of telling some of the children they cannot go to school because there is not enough money to send them.  I believe the money is there for helping these children get the education they need and long for.  If each of you will sponsor only one child, we will be able to say yes to all of them.   Right now we have funds to send about 175 children to school.  Many have inquired about how to sponsor a child and some have said yes, but have not yet sent money.  School begins in June in the Philippines.  We must decide soon how many we can provide for.    Last year, we expanded from sponsoring children in 2 locations of one city to sponsoring children in 5 locations on four islands.  We also are helping with 2 new pre-schools which are so necessary to help prepare the children to attend public school.   This year we are receiving new applications from all 5 current locations and 5 new ones in the Philippines.  We are also looking at sponsoring children in Peru and Bolivia.  In every location where we sponsor a child, we work through a local pastor who takes responsibility to oversee the sponsored children, teaching them about Jesus and how to live a victorious Christian life.   If you are currently sponsoring a child, would you consider sponsoring another?  If you are not sponsoring a child, would you pray and ask God if it would be in His plan for you to sponsor one or more?  Your sponsorship will make a boy or girl very happy indeed.  You can make a big impact on the life of one of these children.    God has shown us that to break the cycle of poverty that holds their families in bondage, these children must get an education.   We believe it is God’s plan to use these and other children in the Philippines, Peru and Bolivia to bring about a deep and lasting transformation of the entire nation.  These children will one day be leaders in their nations in government, education, the church and other professions. Your investment in their lives is for eternity.   For the last four years the cost to sponsor a child has been $20/month.  Prices in the Philippines are going up and the dollar is not worth as much as it was 4 years ago.  Because of the increased need, this year we have increased it to $25 a month, which comes to $300 a year," an increase of $5 a month.  The increase is to cover the increasing cost of the needs of the children.   The cost of $25 per month is so little to make such a big impact on a life.  Only $25 per month makes education a reality for a child.  Ask God if He would use you in this way.  We will send you a photo and personal information about the child you sponsor.    We need to know now of your commitment.  School begins in June.  We are now deciding how many children we will be able to sponsor for the year.   If God leads you to sponsor one or more children, please send an e-mail to us at sponsors@fullnessonline.org .  If you will put SPONSOR in your subject line, it helps us.   If God leads you to give a donation for this or other FCM ministries…
The fastest and easiest way to make a donation is to use a credit card and PayPal. Go to Pay with PayPal and follow the instructions.   If you prefer, you may send AN EMAIL AT, PO Box 124832, Fort Worth, TX  76136.    God bless you, RALPHH THOMPSON OR CLICK PAYPAL FOR DONATIONS..



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